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Gombrowicz on Becoming a Citizen: Allow Me to Dream!

I returned, but no longer as a wild man. For I had, at one time during my youth in Poland, been completely wild in relation to it, incapable of handling it with style, incapable even of speaking about it—it served … Continue reading

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Reading the Gombrowicz Diary: an introduction and a warning

One must play with uncovered cards…. Other diaries should be to this one what the words “I am like this” are to “I want to be like this”…. One cannot be nothingness all week and then suddenly expect to exist … Continue reading

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Tarkovsky and Buñuel

I’m new to the films of Tarkovsky, and have become obsessed with them. Yet with the peculiar itch typical of my mind my thoughts on his work keep slipping into thoughts on my favorite filmmaker, Luis Buñuel.

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What’s in Your Ego Tunnel?

The Ego Tunnel by Thomas Metzinger is one of those books I should have read when it came out in 2009. But, like many of the books I read, I came to it by chance, in this case when a … Continue reading

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Conrad Aiken and the Anthropological Machine

Linnaeus’s genius consists not so much in the resoluteness with which he places man among the primates as in the irony with which he does not record—as he does with the other species—any specific identifying characteristic next to the generic … Continue reading

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Conrad Aiken and the struggle of consciousness

even one’s newness is old —Conrad Aiken   One of the first things that comes up in a google search of the name “Conrad Aiken” (right next to we found Conrad Aiken) is a review of his Selected Poems in … Continue reading

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