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Honored Guest by John Ashbery

In an alternate universe, Honored Guest is the work of a John Ashbery who never became famous.

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Kenneth Goldsmith User’s Manual

Sometimes a good way to learn about something is to learn about what it is not.

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The Poetry of Kenneth Fearing

I’m falling in love with Kenneth Fearing: Selected Poems, a book I stumbled across in a used bookstore.

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You’re a Very Unique Person

You’re a very unique person, and I think most people are not. I look to you and remember childhood dreams of sparkling plateaus. Your sui generis mannerisms can be imitated but not duplicated. But if I were you I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Reading Emily Dickinson’s “Safe in their Alabaster Chambers”

I think of Emily Dickinson going about her daily business: cooking and baking, gardening, cleaning, sometimes entertaining guests and throughout all of it capturing words or phrases, maybe writing them down but most often capturing them in her mind and … Continue reading

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The Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett

Anyone who is as interested in Beckett as I am will have to have a copy of The Collected Poems of Samuel Beckett,

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Reading Ashbery’s “Three Poems”

Before I comment on this I’d like to emphasize a passage just read: It becomes plain that we cannot interpret everything, we must be selective, and so the tale we are telling begins little by little to leave reality behind. … Continue reading

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TV Men: Artaud by Anne Carson

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