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Georges Bataille On A Life of Bullshit

I thought: “How cruel my suffering is,—no one is more talkative than I am!” —Georges Bataille, The Tomb of Louis XXX The Little One and The Tomb of Louis XXX—the two meditations by Georges Bataille just published by Equus Press … Continue reading

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The Man They Love to Hate

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to smell some degree of collusion in the fine art world when it comes to prices. I sometimes wonder when watching Antiques Roadshow if something similar (less pernicious, though broader in scope … Continue reading

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formless (ness) my conceit my lie (form is unavoidable) dare I say of my spit any more than of the universe it lacks form? —is only to ask why I avoid the rhythm of my blood (it beats in time, … Continue reading

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