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A Lacan villanelle

There Is No Speech Without a Reply Language functions not to inform but evoke Like it or not, the symptom is a metaphor There is no speech without a reply Full speech is not a question of reality, but of … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s Cowboy Boots

Until recently I had never taken note of Wittgenstein’s parenthetical remark in the Tractatus that aesthetics and ethics are one. According to Google it would seem that academic discussions of the question focus on either contrasting the differences between the … Continue reading

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54 Ice Crystals

Learn to accept a thing before it is named, they say, since the act of naming curtails the potential of process without end It will neither dress me nor reveal me If the sentence you’re on breaks in half It’s … Continue reading

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Out of the Shadows with Maldoror

Parle, et, puisque, d’après tes vœux les plus chers, l’on ne souffrirait pas, dis en quoi consisterait alors la vertu, idéal que chacun s’efforce d’atteindre, si ta langue est faite comme celle des autres hommes. —Lautréamont, Les Chants de Maldoror … Continue reading

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The Way Over the Rough Ground

Impressed by the possibility of a comparison, fibre on fibre twisting our net of reality, a multitude of familiar paths lead off in every direction. Entangled in rules, seduced into using a super-expression, we’re an engine idling within language, ancient … Continue reading

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Use Is Life (a Wittgenstein cento in three parts)

THE BOILER a game   /everywhere bounded by rules there is no outside; outside you cannot breathe impressed by the possibility of a comparison the more narrowly we examine   /the sharper   /the conflict tracing round the frame running   /up against the … Continue reading

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Anti-Wittgenstein ladders

You must throw away the ladder after you have climbed up on it -Wittgenstein, Tractatus

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