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Thorn Ladder

Blood rose your body the earth line scorched barbed too within it I’m caught if you can’t move I’m stuck post-human you and I wedded beyond mystery on the cusp caught or idled in line on the line to be … Continue reading

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  Masson saw skulls spilled in Champagne, tried to box the damage in canvas. In a new year pomegranates are lucky, they say. If one is offered with bowed head take it—take four, like Persephone. Antioxidant or IED is not … Continue reading

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Gonna knock it right out….

  There are always more reasons not to make art than to make it. And if you don’t earn any money from it…. If I persist, meager as my output is at times, it is because of a need regardless … Continue reading

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Somewhere there’s a party….

Bob Stinson In the promotional video for the Pleased to Meet Me tour, Paul Westerberg mentioned that The Replacements had two sets of fans—the loudmouth drunks up front and the shy, thoughtful kids sitting way in the back. I think … Continue reading

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Sometimes You’re the Bug

I’ve been singing The Bug while I do my work lately. It started with needing to replace a piece of trim on the carriage house (fancy word for garage). Uncovering one piece of wasted wood revealed another, and then others. … Continue reading

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Samuel Beckett Sketches


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Monday with Pessoa: I, I, I

Countless Lives Inhabit Us by Fernando Pessoa, as Ricardo Reis And then there’s this stanza, from Pessoa’s I Don’t Know How Many Souls I Have: Attentive to what I am and see, I become them and stop being I. Each of … Continue reading

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