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The Philosophers Leave Florida

for Natasha and Shane Pick white or black. It ain’t chess, just a race to multiply the meanings of simple words like “divide” or “unite”. Everyone knows polls are for assholes but whether the truth blows this way or that … Continue reading

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Red Tide Is Natural and so Is Death

I keep thinking about the Dadaists caught between an end and a beginning. Some launched green apples, others grenades and still others self-inflicted wounds. I’m trying to put myself in their place and feel what was at stake, butting up … Continue reading

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A man’s poem

Stuck In A Shut-Up Sandwich David Foster Wallace did it both ways: a play of infinite garrulity and the ultimate cutoff at the pass: I’m done with this, leaving sharp-elbowed others to claim he speaks for all white men— “slap … Continue reading

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A Lacan villanelle

There Is No Speech Without a Reply Language functions not to inform but evoke Like it or not, the symptom is a metaphor There is no speech without a reply Full speech is not a question of reality, but of … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s Cowboy Boots (part 2)

Picture Al Gore’s cowboy boots wading through the streetwater of Miami Marching toward you, actually with a sense of urgency Getting closer and closer until they fill the screen And you, like everyone else watching protected by a shield made … Continue reading

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On Ashbery’s A Wave

John Ashbery’s A Wave is an itch I would scratch if I could. I am drawn to this book, out of all of Ashbery’s books, time and again, drawn to the very mystery of its attraction. True it does contain the … Continue reading

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Prayer for Tomorrow

Monday morning, 9:30 your life will change —from Prayer for Tomorrow, the first poem of my chapbook, One Step: prayers and curses. On the 12th of this month it will be exactly one year ago. I was at work when … Continue reading

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