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The Day I Met Leroy Jenkins

I am gratified to Jonathan Penton of Unlikely Stories Mark V for welcoming three of my noisier more biting poems. Is It Too Soon? is most recent, written shortly after and in response to our infamous November 8th election. I … Continue reading

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Poetry and Communication

From a time in my late teens when I couldn’t yet write poetry I’ve salvaged this fragment: Fathers: perennial movement tumescent adolescence caught by webs of clotheslines on a ladder of muscle and bone into the womb. Mothers: perfumed shadows … Continue reading

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Two Roads

after Robert Frost I don’t have to wait for the ages and ages hence. One will do, it’s been enough. Though the lights were yellow I thought were green when I told you I knew what awaited, I went, we … Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Book

The universe (which others call the Library)…. —Borges I take a profoundly Borgesian pleasure in the book.

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The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume II

…. being in [the world] discourages you from talking about it and not being in it disqualifies you from talking about it. —Samuel Beckett to Georges Duthuit, March 2, 1949 (p 131) I am no longer capable of writing in … Continue reading

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