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Men are Fickle, gouache by Mark Kerstetter

My short story Mountain, told from the point of view of an aging rock ‘n roll musician, won the New Short Fiction Award from Jerry Jazz Musician.

My poems have appeared in the following journals:

Against John Berryman in Black-Listed Magazine
Consciousness Spins and Ghosts in Camroc Press Review
Wild in The CDC Poetry Project
Interview with three poems in Connotation Press
The Black Cat in Danse Macabre du Jour
Golem, De Chirico du Jour and At the End of the Day in Escape into Life
Dali-Ism, Schwitters in Exile and An Other Room in Escape into Life
Proscription in Escape into Life
Art as a WheelSmall Talk, Spring Training and LIMITS in Eunoia Review
Wilhelm Reich in Lewisburg in Evergreen Review
A Day at the Office in Everyday Poems
So Long, Cy and Thamyris in Fickle Muses
Chagall Sketches, Gooseberry Inn, Working in the Gap and Beckett in Roussillon in Fruita Pulp
Truth Comes Marching In (Remembering Albert and Donald Ayler) in Jerry Jazz Musician
Planet Braxton in Jerry Jazz Musician
The Melancholy of Departure
, Standing Girl in Plaid Garment and Swimming with Cézanne in Painters and Poets
Are We Not Acceptable, Moon? in Panoply
A Tale of Two Heathers 
and other poems in Poetry24
Gulf Coast Telegram in Poets for Living Waters
Fallen and Docile Bodies in Opium Poetry 2.0
VELVEETA! in Razor Lit Mag
Wild Child
in Shaking
The Effulgent Heart in Survivor’s Review
Pet Apocalypses
in Toylit
CRO, Open Call and Frank Kaufman’s White Suit in Triggerfish Critical Review
State of the Union
, Dreaming America and Down the Rabbit Hole: Watching Lynch’s INLAND EMPIRE or Goodbye Kurt Vonnegut in Unlikely 2.0
The Noble Bandit and Light Lunch in Unlikely Stories: Episode IV
Is It Too Soon?, The Birthing and A Chaos of Lust, a Pawned Guitar in Unlikely Stories Mark V
All Points Rush Furiously Outward and Two Moons in Watershed Review
Get Yours Today and Just Words in Zygote in My Coffee

The following essays, reviews and interviews have been published in Escape into Life:

Francesco Clemente
What is Contemporary Art?
Pablo Gonzalez-Trejo
Whose Art, Whose Agenda?
A Conversation with Mars Tokyo
For the Love of God
Coming to Terms with Damien Hirst
Kurt Schwitters: Citizen of the World
Little Chicks, Broken Dolls and Krapp’s Last Tape
Fernando Botero at the Museum of Fine Arts
What is Real: Chuck Close and Kazimir Malevich
A Review of Peter Davis’s Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!
A Humument: Visual-Poetic Artist’s Book
Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooning
A Conversation with Denis Gaston
A Review of Paul Auster’s Invisible
The Two Worlds of Henry Darger
The Extreme World of Eraserhead
Dali and the Stage of Surrealism
Kafka’s Letter to His Father
Jorge Luis Borges and the Congress of the World


My poem Moonwalker (nominated for a Pushcart Prize) is included in this anthology of poems about music.

New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan, a collection of short stories, poems and artworks inspired by the people and culture of Japan, is a response to the tsunami of 2010. Three of my haibun are included in the volume. All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

My flash fiction 5 Minutes is included in The Best of Friday Flash Volume 1.

Essay: Anne Carson and the Experiment(al)  in Creative Thresholds

Essay on John Ashbery’s Hotel Lautréamont in The Bees Knees

Review of Chris Tysh’s Our Lady of the Flowers, Echoic in Tarpaulin Sky Pres