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Anger Is an Energy

Anger is an energy –John Lydon Once when I was going through a crisis I sought advice from an older friend. He told me, “Emotions are never wrong.” That may be a platitude (it sounds like one) but I had … Continue reading

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Out of the Shadows with Maldoror

Parle, et, puisque, d’après tes vœux les plus chers, l’on ne souffrirait pas, dis en quoi consisterait alors la vertu, idéal que chacun s’efforce d’atteindre, si ta langue est faite comme celle des autres hommes. —Lautréamont, Les Chants de Maldoror … Continue reading

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Maldoror is Not Surrealism

  If this video weren’t already long enough, I could have, if I wished to be helpful, drawn more comparisons between Maldoror and Surrealism, something about how Breton surely recognized the Sadean character of Maldoror, about how he wanted as … Continue reading

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Crazy for God: Frank and Francis Schaeffer

We never have any real information about anything important. It takes a lifetime for the ramifications to be worked out. —Frank Schaeffer When I was eighteen or nineteen years old I stopped going to church. Prior to that, from the … Continue reading

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