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Bataille on Baudelaire

I belong to a turbulent generation, born to literary life in the tumult of surrealism. In the years after the Great War there was a feeling which was about to overflow. Literature was stifling within its limitations and seemed pregnant … Continue reading

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Writing ‘Down Impassive Rivers I Tried Each Thing’

The poem came about through my interest in a single word: packet. About a week ago I discovered one of my favorite writers—Michael Brodsky—has been writing a blog going by the description “thought packets”. I tried to explain the thrill … Continue reading

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Another Sweet Disorder

I’ve been working on some prose fiction for the past couple of weeks, for me a frustrating process of leaving the commas out, putting them in, taking them out again, then putting them back in. I should be in more … Continue reading

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Honored Guest by John Ashbery

In an alternate universe, Honored Guest is the work of a John Ashbery who never became famous.

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The Poetry of Kenneth Fearing

I’m falling in love with Kenneth Fearing: Selected Poems, a book I stumbled across in a used bookstore.

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Reading Ashbery’s “Three Poems”

Before I comment on this I’d like to emphasize a passage just read: It becomes plain that we cannot interpret everything, we must be selective, and so the tale we are telling begins little by little to leave reality behind. … Continue reading

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On Not Bringing His Christmas Stocking Out of Storage

(an analogue to John Ashbery’s On His Reluctance to Take Down the Christmas Ornaments and a response to Matthew Buckley Smith’s charge that the poem doesn’t make any sense) Can you feel a sense of it A package unopened An … Continue reading

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Three Books by Seann McCollum

1. shoplift a six-pack of love from the plaid pantry of my heart The 49 short prose pieces in this book will make you laugh and they just might put a hairline crack in your little heart.

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More Swiftly Continually in Evening

(an Ashbery remix)* for Victoria The disquiet of early missteps impeded our understanding of late afternoon, while our bed’s confusion warns away snap judgments made anyway, already, and anyhow through the open window a band of marauding children add color … Continue reading

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A Review of John Ashbery’s Quick Question

Quick question: do you prefer Ashbery early or late? OK, that’s a trick question, since Ashbery has returned,

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