A Decadence of Time

A decadence of time
of how you do it
& how you live it
we are speaking of
what is lost
& what is losing
what is lost in the
& what is being lost
in the slipping
as slipping
a decadence of time
how you do it
how you live it
speaking to the lost
in us in them
of us of them
of the loss
in the slipping
and ultimately the cost
what does it cost
to lose time
in increments
a toss up
as sentries posted
batons on noon
to midnight
to noon

A decadence of time
from midnight to noon
when nothing changes
masking the lava
a mask on lava
in increments
from minute
to minute
as batons at twelve
V hacked in two
one hand holding
the other
at bay
until seals burst
and what oozes
over the dial
a decadence of time
of how you do it
& how you live it
until what’s left
watching the seconds
hacked to bits
couldn’t keep track
off the rails
it’s over
end of the race
and what begins
without you
who’ll deny
it’s all about denial

A decadence of time
sipped through
a straw sucked
down the drain
in an ocean
on a turtle’s back
onto a toddler’s
laid on a toddler’s
how you do it
how you live it
a decadence of time
who’ll deny
watching the seconds
hack from Fort Collins
& back
a toddler’s shoe
a toddler’s toe
a toddler’s time
through a toddler’s

A decadence of time
a toddler’s time
knowing nothing
but eternal now
we’re speaking of time
of how you do it
& how you live it
an ocean of time
thrown on your back
and thrust
into seconds
down the tube
into or out of
feeding both ways
the pablum
the problem
pure sugar
keep bringing it on
and on until
it’s all gone
we’re speaking of time
of how you do it
& how you live it
how you lead
or follow down
counting sheep
to stay asleep
of souls to keep
or lie forever

image by a seller on Ebay

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2 Responses to A Decadence of Time

  1. Brendan says:

    Hi Mark — Tick tock precision here for decay almost too tangible now for time … I think time will die ahead of the species, but not by much, and spectral time will be much — what — inviting … Just started a new forum at earthweal.com, bring a Florida voice to it sometime. Best —

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