Red Tide Is Natural and so Is Death

I keep thinking about the Dadaists
caught between an end and a beginning.
Some launched green apples,
others grenades
and still others self-inflicted wounds.
I’m trying to put myself in their place
and feel what was at stake,
butting up to a lack
of exhilaration,
of frontiers.

Here in Florida death creeps north
but the real slime flows down
from Tallahassee:
climate change doesn’t exist
but red tide is natural
It doesn’t take a washed up whale shark to know
death controls the narrative.

Reports are coming in from everywhere.
The future arrives every moment
too fast to absorb the pain of loss.
The time when absurdity was a joke
seems quaint now.
“Revolution” is just another word
in one of those things
black white and red all over.

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1 Response to Red Tide Is Natural and so Is Death

  1. Brendan says:

    Hello Mark, it is a grief and a rage that Putnam, Scott & Bondi made all the deals to ensure this environmental disaster. All we can do is hold our noses & vote straighticket blue in November. There’s nothing natural about red tide except overpopulous excrement feeds it. Eventually all the state will be able to do is cut off everyone’s nose, but til then it’s fingerpointing elsewhere. Sigh. I wrote about it here a bit more flip:

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