The Age in Agency

The phrase “time bomb”
is as course and indelicate
as a fire-breathing dragon
and shall make no headway here
tho its head
or ass
is already in the door.
Hit it with Webster.
Hit it with Roget.
Hit it with a 10 lb. bottle of aspirin,
with a wagonload of organic produce,
with your best intentions
in your best suit
with your best foot.
And then hit it again with whatever
is left lying on the floor.
One can’t prescribe
the number of rounds.
Only you
can put a Frostian spin
or no
on your strength
or lack thereof.

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3 Responses to The Age in Agency

  1. angela says:

    What would be a “Frostian spin”…

    • Hi Angela. Thanks for your visit. This is an obscure reference and maybe should be dropped from the poem. I was thinking about Robert Frost’s famous poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’. In that poem the young narrator cannot tell us anything about the qualitative difference between the two roads. He simply chooses one, then rationalizes the choice. He spins his ignorance into a fantasy that as an old man he will be telling everyone that his choice “made all the difference”. Most readers assume this difference is all good. But there’s no basis for such an assumption. The narrator knows nothing. We know nothing. We make a choice and do the best we can. What I have called a Frostian spin is the way a certain mind rationalizes the choices it makes. I suppose I’m a little ambivalent about it in this poem of mine. Kind of like, if it helps you get through a rough patch to put a positive spin on it then ok. But only the fighter knows, in her heart, how strong she is.

      • angela says:

        Thank you for taking the time to expound on it, Mark. I was not sure (as I’ve only read a handful of Frost) if his work implied a certain mindset to life. I shall hope she is strong against this time bomb — though I’m normally a half-full kinda thinker (perhaps why I seem to be one of the few who predicted and was prepared for the November outcome.) Brilliant to read your voice – I have missed it. Peace ~ Angela

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