Bowie Changes

Turn and face the strange changes.
We’ll be different men turning
without a hub, without shame, without
a namesake, changing all the same
even while standing in place.

Turn and greet what time had prepared
as if it could or couldn’t know
knowing is only our capacity
unless we turn and turn away
while changes skip to the front of our step.

Oh, look out you rock ‘n’ rollers.
Can you play in the spaces,
do you know how time and silence work?
Lead, follow or get out of the way
while the best beat you to second place.

Staunchly yet regally second,
making his own changes and facing time,
Bowie turned inside and out, set the pace
while the Velvets bled black cutting diamonds
and the rest turn turn turned the soil.

Time is still running wild but your smile,
endlessly fascinating, leaves glimpses for millions
of grownup children of how to carve star points
out of dead-end streets and we’ll be counting beats
to the pace you took us through.

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1 Response to Bowie Changes

  1. hedgewitch says:

    It’s best not to grow up, but if you do, you should try to do it as a star.
    ‘knowing is our only capacity’ indeed, and how it does gape. Good to read you, Mark.

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