The end of a stint

Is it the real MB or a rabid fan run amock? And what do I echo with a reblog (not that a mockingbird cares for the “ur”)? You tell me (or not)…to be…determined…

Michael Brodsky Blog

Kierkegaard: “It is said of the poet that he invokes the muse to supply him with thoughts…This indeed has never been my case…on the contrary I have needed God every day to shield me from too great a wealth of thoughts…without God I am too strong for myself.” “God” here is what I call(ed) a fungible. Anything can replace God in this structure that is a thought packet about thought packets. I want to cry out, Right you are, Soren. among many things, he debunks the importance of “inspiration”–waiting for inspiration belongs to the feeble. In my novel Lurianics I compare it unfavorably with “urgency”. Any mediocrity can be waiting for inspiration.

There is no God, of course. So SK’s thought packet cries out for a substitute. If i adopt his thought as telling my story, i must find a substitute for “God”. What is it in my case that…

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