Pop Interlude and Thanks


A nonce poem I’ve written, Song of the Lost Sparrow, has been included in the Music Issue of Lyre Lyre. Although it falls far short of it, a Gorillaz kind of sound, particularly the beautiful melancholy sweetness of Damon Albarn’s voice, played in my head when I wrote it.

Today, two more poems of mine are up at Eunoia Review.

And I received this from Marina Sofia:


Many thanks to everyone, and especially those of you who consistently read my poems.

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3 Responses to Pop Interlude and Thanks

  1. MarinaSofia says:

    And a very well-deserved award, don’t you think? I like the rollicking rhythm of your nonce poem and also ‘Art as a Wheel’ especially. Every time you seek to grasp something, a world tumbles off your fingertips…

  2. Susan Scheid says:

    Every bit of this is so well earned. Congrats, Mark!

  3. Brendan says:

    Yeah, congrats. Thanks for all work on the edges.

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