New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan

The paperback version of New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan is now available from Amazon for $10.05 (the ebook version is $5). This is an anthology of short stories, poems, flash fiction and art inspired by the people and culture of Japan by over 60 writers and artists, and contains three of my poems.

All sales go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Some highlights:

  • In Suzanne Kamata’s story, Birds in the Trees, a man falls in love with a bird.
  • In Oonah V. Joslin’s beautiful Rite of Spring, a woman honors her ancestors.
  • In Martin Elster’s poem The Stonecutter a man learns the true value of his labor.
  • A man loses his weenie in Damien C. Edwards’ story The Unfortunate incident of the Broken Weenie.
  • silent lotus’s poem Butoh In A Stone Garden is like verbal sumi-e.
  • An artist practices origami on herself in Jen Campbell’s Origami.
  • You will find a superlative example of Marcus Speh’s inimitable prose, and a story by the unique Moxie Mezcal, and all of this is but a fraction of the book. There are ninja and haibun, green tea and wood block prints, cherry blossoms and sashimi, samurai and geisha. The 264 page book is decorated throughout with artwork in various media. Did I mention all proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross?
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2 Responses to New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan

  1. Susan Scheid says:

    Really looking forward to the arrival of my copy!

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