Naming the Hurricane at Poetry24

I’m pleased to share my poem Naming the Hurricane at Poetry24. And to the poets reading, Poetry24 is always interested in seeing your current events poems. Take a look at the submissions page.

I’m also very happy to say that I had the privilege of illustrating a beautiful flash story by Linda Simoni-Wastila, one of the best writers I know. Her story is called The Abridged Biography of an American Sniper and it’s at SmokeLong Weekly.

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3 Responses to Naming the Hurricane at Poetry24

  1. Scott says:

    I like the poem. It makes me think. My relationship to nature. Trying to understand. The uncontrollable. I like the illustration as well. It feels delicate to me. Like a botanical print. Grains and grasses. Interesting qualities. It’s nice to see your different expression.

  2. Susan Scheid says:

    I’ve written over at Poetry24, and wanted to say here, too: “seeking incantatory possession/of the uncontrollable” that’s it, right there. Beautiful poem, Mark.

  3. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

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